Having effective Work Health & Safety Consultation and Communication Mechanisms  is significant to the success of your organisation or business.

For any organisation or business to operate effectively there needs to be good communication and consultation opportunities with all people working within the organisation or business. These people include Employees, Contractors, Subcontractors, Labour Hire Employees, Apprentices, Students gaining Work Experience and Volunteers.

In most Australian jurisdictions it is a legal requirement to establish a formal Consultation Mechanisms.

When establishing WHS Consultation Mechanisms to be used in your organisation or business it is important that you review relevant legislation to ensure that the mechanisms established are compliant with the legal requirements within your jurisdiction.

Effective WHS Consultation requires the sharing of information on matters which may affect the work, health and safety of all workers. It also a requirement that all workers are given the opportunity to express their views and opinions, so that these can be taken into account when decisions about the work, health and safety of all workers are being made.


 Examples of WHS Consultation Mechanisms include:

  • Establishing Health and Safety Committees
  • Electing Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)
  • Conducting regular ‘Tool Box’ meetings
  • Conducting regular Staff Meetings

Effective WHS Communication is the sharing of information, policies, and procedures – and should always be a two-way process.

It is important to establish effective mechanisms which suit you particular organisation or business, to allow for regular communication on work health and safety.

 Examples of WHS Communication Mechanisms include:

  • Company Notice Boards
  • Emails and Internal Intranet Systems
  • Registers – Incident/Accident Registers
  • Daily Pre-Start Meetings
  • Hazard/Near Miss Report Forms
  • Company Newsletter
  • WHS consultation meetings with HSRs/ HSCs (Health and Safety Committees)

If you’re looking for assistance with WHS/OH&S requirements specific to your industry, please contact WHS Consulting Hunter for advice on how to incorporate safety management into your business operations.